Why, What and Who I am…

DSC_9792Hi all you beautiful people, my name is Sasha-Lee Fourie I am a young, passionate, freelance Makeup Artist, I have been doing this professionally for approximately 2 years and I love every minute of it.

I previously studied Fashion Design in Milan, Italy and also Fashion Styling and photography, all of which were extremely interesting but I knew this was not my calling or destined career path until, I accidentally stumbled upon a Makeup course and once I held my first brush I was instantaneously  hooked.

I have always been intrigued by Makeup and Beauty in general but never realised that I could actually make a career out of doing something I so dearly love.

DSC_9716So after my studies and all my experience gained from helping mentors with Bridal Parties, Matric Dances and evening functions. It felt only right that I venture on my own and start my own Makeup Company that I, myself can build into something great, I have been working very hard for that desire ever since.

DSC_9732My passion in Makeup and Beauty is the ability to enhance ones natural and inner beauty, show them a part of themselves that is hidden from the world. I know not every woman is fond of Makeup, either because they do not know the correct way to apply it or they much prefer their natural beauty to stand out. There is nothing wrong with either of these, and that is why when I have a lovely lady sitting in front of me I have to assess if shes a huge makeup fanatic or someone who likes it a bit simpler so I can do her Makeup according to her personality.

At the end of the day makeup and beauty is actually an enhanced reflection of who you are, It shouldn’t be used to change or hide your unique and Beautiful features but rather magnify them!

Stay Beautiful Ladies…


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